SERTIT is a public certification authority for IT security and is organized under the National Security Authority (NSM). SERTIT holds the role of certification body and is responsible for the operation of the Norwegian Certification Scheme for IT security, including

  • Develop and publish framework conditions and rules for certification under the Norwegian Scheme
  • license and supervise evaluation laboratories under the Scheme
  • supervise all evaluation processes
  • issue and publish certificates and certification reports
  • represent Norway in SOG-IS and CCRA, an european and international Schemes for mutual recognition of CC certificates respectively
  • operate an approved certification body and issue internationally recognized CC certificates under the SOG-IS and CCRA Schemes

For further details, like the foundation and authorisation of SERTIT, please see Terms of reference for SERTIT (PDF, 673KB).

More information about the Norwegian Certification Scheme for IT Security.