XOmail is a family of turn-key software products tailored for formal military messaging, information handling and transfer in modern military and mission critical networks.

Military organisations rely on Formal messaging systems for the distribution of plans, orders and other vital information. Formal messaging systems must deliver messages with integrity and authenticity in nations and to allies in peacetime, crisis, conflict and war. A military message handling system must reflect the military organisational structures.

The TOE is the XOmail Server, the main building block of the XOmail product family. The XOmail Server provides secure message handling, transfer, storage, and administration functionality.

The TOE can be deployed in a range of product configurations:

XOmail Enterprise
Meets military message handling requirements in strategic and tactical networks at any scale, from autonomous nodes to large-scale Messaging as a Service deployments.

XOmail Afloat
Functionality tailored for surface vessels and submarines.

XOmail Broadcaster
Broadcast, Ship-Shore and Maritime Rear Link through STANAG 4406, STANAG 5066 and ACP 127.

XOmail SMTP interface
Provides interoperability with Battle Force E-mail and standard Internet Mail.

XOmail ACP 127 interface
Automatic gateway between ACP 127 and STANAG 4406.

XOmail ACP 145 interface
Implements NATO standard for connecting networks with different security policies and PKI implementations, allowing communication between nations and between national systems and NATO. For security reasons the ACP 145 interface must be installed on a dedicated TOE instance.

XOmail Central Archive
Provides an assured long term archive for all messages.

Category: Other Devices and Systems.

Sponsor: Forsvarsmateriell IKT-kapasiteter

Developer: Thales Norway AS

Evaluation Facility: Norconsult AS

Evaluation Level: EAL 4 augmented with ALC_FLR.3