Saab Voice Stream Interceptor (VSI) is a software security product providing secure domain separation between voice with different classification level. VSI has very few requirements to the underlying platform and can be installed on a Common Criteria approved Linux Operating System with IPsec tunnel and Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

VSI supports standardized Voice over IP (VoIP) communication and is used for VoIP clients. The VoIP client user application is completely separated from VSI and does not require being trusted for the secure separation of classified voice.  The separation between the VoIP client user application and VSI gives the possibility to change or upgrade the user application and still maintain a secure domain separation of classified voice by an unchanged VSI.  

From an users point of view the VoIP client containing VSI can both be used for classified (RED) and lower classified or non-classified (BLACK) voice communication. In this way, a conversation can start as non-classified and during the conversation be switched to a classified conversation. Operational modes on radio based communication are supported in this way. It is also possible to listen to both BLACK and RED voice at the same time.

VSI also controls the suppression of RED incoming voice stream to the VoIP client, such that while sending BLACK voice the possible pickup and cross talk via the speaker to the microphone is eliminated. During authorized configuration the suppression functionality can either be enabled or disabled depending on the required operational procedure.

Saab provides the Secure Tacticall VoIP client, where VSI has been integrated into a user friendly end product and can be used in a secure RED/BLACK system solution.

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