The TOE provides remote connections from a set of shared computers to a set of shared peripherals. The switching capability of the TOE is used to connect ports on a particular computer to a particular peripheral set. The corresponding electronic signal from a computer port is transformed into an optical signal by the Velocity extender, transmitted through an optical fiber, switched by the TOE to another optical fiber, and then transformed back to an electronic form by the Velocity extender. The resulting signal is used by the shared peripherals.

The TOE provides a capability to dynamically change the switching configuration to connect a particular computer to a particular peripheral set. 

The TOE enforces secure separation of information flows corresponding to different switched connections. The corresponding Data Separation Security Policy is the main security feature of the TOE.

The TOE is a high-end secure integrated circuit suitable for financial or governmental applications. The TOE consists of the IC hardware, IC dedicated test software and IC dedicated support software providing cryptographic functions. The hardware is based on a 32-bit CPU with volatile, non-volatile and read-only memory. The microcontroller incorporates cryptographic coprocessors for acceleration of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms. The IC dedicated support software, also known as Crypto Library, provides DES, AES, RSA and random number generation functions.


Certificate No.
Mutual Recognition
TLX640 Matrix Switch Chassis (TLX-MSC-000640 Rev B)
, TLX640 Matrix Switch Data Input and Output Card, 20 Ports, SFP+, Multi-Mode (TLX-MSD-M00020 Rev C), Single Mode (TLX-MSD-S00020 Rev C)
, Velocity Matrix Switch 640 Data Input and Output Card, 20 Ports, SFP+, Multi-Mode (VXM-DIOR20 Rev A), Single-Mode (VXM-DIOS20 Rev A)
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Norconsult AS
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