EROAD is a fully integrated technology, tolling and services provider. EROAD is the first company in the world to implement a GPS/cellular based road charging platform across an entire country. EROAD's advanced technology provides road charging, compliance and commercial services with the same platform to lower overall client and delivery costs. EROAD's goal is to offer flexible and powerful solutions based on our innovative technology platform to assist in the creation of a transport sector that is responsive to the evolving needs of business, government and the wider community.

The core element of EROAD's satellite-based solution is the secure Ehubo unit which reliably and accurately measures distance and location using multiple sensors. Data is transmitted via a secure cellular link to a back office facility that supports a wide range of regulatory and value-added applications, allowing clients to manage their vehicles and assets in the same web browser.

The EROAD Depot is the secure web services and payment gateway, where customers manage their tax and compliance obligations, oversee their fleets, and access a wide range of EROAD services. It provides a comprehensive and evolving suite of reports that can be viewed, saved, exported and downloaded. Within the Depot, users are assigned - roles' which give them access to different functions and, depending on their role, allow them to create and filter fleets to focus on critical information.

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TOE versions of EROAD OBU:
Hardware version: 03
Firmware version: 1.18.05; 
TOE versions of EROAD Application:
Software version: 11-11-2014-0239
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