The TNOR Guards are a family of high-assurance policy enforcement guards for trusted information sharing between security domains. The Guards provide an automated and controlled information flow between networks that may operate under different security policies, such as multi-level security policies and public key infrastructures. The guards may mediate flow of various information objects, or provide access control to services.

The TOE is the software application component of the Guard. The TOE is embedded with a MILS separation kernel, and runs on Intel platform hardware.

Four variants of the Guards are available:

- NATO STANAG 4406 Ed 2 Message Guard
Supports connectivity to NATO standard Military Message Handling (MMHS) systems.

- SMTP Message Guard (E-mail)
Supports connectivity to standard e-mail systems, such as Microsoft Exchange.
Supports RFC 6477 for Military Message Handling attributes within the SMTP domain.

- XMPP Chat Guard

- SOAP/XML Guard

The TOE enforces a configurable content release policy on each information object requested for release. Each information object is decoded by the TOE into a protocol independent format, and re-encoded if approved for release, mitigating intended or unintended covert channels. The TOE connects to external services such as PKI services, such as HSMs and directory servers, and content inspection, including antivirus software.

Security labels are supported according to STANAG 4774/4778 and protocol specific standards.

The TOE provides online tools for management of the run-state, logs and configuration data of the Guard.

Category: High-assurance guard

Sponsor: FMA IKT-kapasiteter

Developer: Thales Norway AS

Evaluation Facility: System Sikkerhet AS, A Nemko Company

Evaluation Level: EAL 4 augmented with ALC_FLR.3 and AVA_VAN.4